Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles, motorcycles, cars and pedestrians all share the roadways and bike paths. Bicycle accidents can result from a variety of scenarios on the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire. What might be only a minor fender bender for a car often has serious or tragic results for a bicyclist who is unprotected and may suffer serious injuries. Well maintained safety equipment and a properly fitted safety helmet, thorough knowledge of the rules of the road and heightened situational awareness are the best defenses for a bike rider to enjoy a bicycle ride safely. Nevertheless, injuries can occur from bike riding whether on a suburban street or major thoroughfare or on a bike path. At McHale Law PC we have represented clients in personal injury cases, including injured bike riders, for years, and know the Massachusetts and New Hampshire laws that affect your legal rights to seek and recover against those who may have injured you or a family member.

Some of the common bicycle claims are:

  • Bicycle versus motorcycle or car
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Defective helmet claims
  • Broken bones
  • Neck and back whiplash-type injuries
  • Bruises, contusions and scars

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Bicycle safety in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Bike riding is an excellent form of low impact cardiovascular exercise for all ages. Some of our fondest memories as both parents and children are the times that we learn to balance and ride a two-wheeler for the first time. Who doesn’t remember our parents running along with us, telling us to pedal faster the first time we took those training wheels off. Unfortunately, every year bicyclists are injured and suffer significant damages from a variety of types of accidents, many of which may be avoidable.

The bike rider who obeys all traffic rules and rules of the road and travels safely may still be subject to the negligence and lack of attention from cars driven in the roadway. Sharing the road safely has become more difficult and risky as our roads and highways become more clogged with traffic. A car driven by a parent with a young child in the backseat crying may be distracted and may not pay attention to the bicycle lane, or a new driver who may not be aware of a bicycle lane or the rights of the bicycle traveler sharing the road may not pay attention, or the pedestrian who is talking through a blue-tooth hands free cell and doesn’t pay attention and walks right in front of the bike rider - all of these situations can result in serious injuries to a bicycle rider who was lawfully traveling in the public way. At McHale Law PC we will discuss your rights, how to best proceed with your claim for injuries; and how to assure that you get fair and just compensation for your loss. Such compensation may include scaring, broken bones, contusions, bruises, bumps and scrapes, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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