Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in injuries of a catastrophic nature. These serious injuries may happen even more often than injuries from car or truck accidents. According to police reports, the “at fault” drivers that cause motorcycle accidents, regularly claim that before the impact or accident, they did not even see the motorcycle. Even worse, car drivers often try to deny responsibility for accidents with motorcyclists, claiming the biker “came out of nowhere”. This is not acceptable. More often, motorcycle accidents happen because drivers do not give the same level of respect for motorcycles as they do for other autos. A common example is when an automobile driver is not paying enough attention to the road ahead and makes a left hand turn, cutting directly in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Either by impact or by the motorcycle going down to avoid a direct collision, the motorcyclist may suffer significant damages. Another example of accidents involving cars and bikes arises from cars passing other cars on the road or changing lanes and not looking out for motorcycles being lawfully operated. When the car switches lanes, without proper regard for the bike, the motorcyclist is left with few or no options to avoid a collision.

At McHale Law PC our experienced lawyers heave assisted clients who have suffered injuries from many aspects of motorcycle accidents. We understand the challenges and lack of respect faced by bikers on the crowded roadways and we know how to explore and evaluate causation when an accident happens. Further, we are familiar with the laws that describe and define who is responsible when an accident happens between a car and a motorcycle. This is important in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and State of New Hampshire where the insurance and traffic laws differ between motorcycles and automobiles. For instance, the coverages and types of insurance offered to owners of motorcycles in Massachusetts is quite different than that for automobiles; and the same is true for New Hampshire. Some of these nuances may seem inconsequential to the average person; but our experienced lawyers understand that these differences may have a major impact on the proper handling of a motorcycle accident case, and can have a huge impact on the outcome. To be confident that your rights are understood and protected, please review this with us.

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