Slip and Fall Injuries

The lawyers at McHale Law PC are experienced and knowledgeable regarding the most current laws concerning injuries from Slip & Fall accidents. These types of accidents and personal injuries may arise from un-natural accumulations of ice, snow, slip & fall on wet floors, trip & fall on broken sidewalks, or from cluttered walkways or debris. Sometimes it is a matter of negligence of store owners or mall operators; or poor shopping center or supermarket maintenance; or home owners and property owners who fail to take proper care of their premises. Any one of these scenarios can result in an innocent person, lawfully in or on the property, suffering a significant injury resulting in substantial medical costs and pain and suffering. We are experienced personal injury attorneys for these types of accidents and will pursue and protect your rights when the storeowner or property owner fails to properly safeguard their premises.

Yes, it snows in New England in the winter. That is not an excuse to improperly clear the sidewalk of ice and snow. Sometimes an “accident” really does happen where there has been a natural accumulation of snow or ice. But, if the slippery or dangerous condition is from something the owner did wrong or should have done right, and you suffered injuries, you should be compensated. In either case, we will meet with you, without cost to you to evaluate your personal circumstance and will advise you on your rights for fair compensation. We will actively and aggressively search for and locate responsible parties and any available insurance there is to compensate you.

It is more than just an “accident” when the dangerous situation could have reasonably been prevented by the property owner. The failure of the owner to fix a broken sidewalk or entrance way, a slippery entrance from a cleaning company who left behind water spots, or a door mat that had ridges or bumps, are examples of potential premises liability. At McHale Law PC we are prepared to fight for you and we have the knowledge and experience to win those battles. We make sure that the insurance company plays fair and understands the importance of fair compensation.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire have complex and ever-changing laws regarding slip and fall and trip and fall matters. We will work with you to make sure you understand your rights and options and assist you to get the timely treatment you need to recover.

For more than 25 years our slip & fall injury lawyers have been successfully helping clients get a resolution that fits the negligence and the injury. We attempt reasonable negotiation and if appropriate, mediation. If that proves fruitless, we will litigate and fight for you in court.

Your health, well-being and recovery from your injuries are extremely important to you and to us. We will work as a team with you to pursue any needed medical care or physical therapy and coordinate getting the appropriate medical reports and experts to present your case fully and fairly.

With over 35 years of combined experience, the personal injury lawyers at McHale Law PC have effectively represented victims of injuries from slips and falls in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We have earned the trust of our clients and the respect of our adversaries.

Allow McHale Law PC to assist and represent you for your slip and fall or trip and fall injury and see how our team centered approach can work for you.

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